For most homeowners, the most important part of their home isn’t the walls or the windows—it’s the roof. A leaking roof can cause structural damage to your home, as well as create mold issues and put your family’s health at risk – especially if you don’t notice it right away. 

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What to Do if Your Indianapolis Roof is Leaking

For homeowners, a leaking roof can be an absolute nightmare. If you’re experiencing a leak, it’s important to follow the steps below – that way you can minimize the damage and get back to living in your home safely and comfortably as soon as possible.

Protect Your Belongings

If water is seeping through the ceiling, your first priority should be to protect any belongings in the room. Cover up any furniture and electronics, then move anything that can’t be covered up into another room. 

Identify the Source of the Leak

If your roof is leaking, it’s important that you identify the source of the leak as quickly as possible. It will not be easy and you may need help from someone with roofing experience, but the sooner you start dealing with the problem, the less damage will be done. 

Contain the Water

Once you’ve located the source of the leak, you’ll want to contain the water. There are a couple of different ways to do this. One is to simply place a pot or bucket underneath the leak to catch falling water. You could also redirect the flow of the water outside of the home by using a funnel and hose. 

Evaluate the Damage

The next step is to evaluate the damage. This will involve conducting an inspection of your roof and attic plus the remainder of your home. You’ll want to find out exactly how extensive the damage is before contacting a roofer or your insurance agent.

Take Photos

As you’re evaluating the damage, it’s also a good idea to take a few pictures along the way. Insurance may want photos of the damage to your roof to make an assessment as to whether or not they will cover your claim. You can take pictures with your phone and use Dropbox, iCloud Photo Library, Google Photos, or other photo storage services to upload them directly from your phone to the insurance company.

Cover the Area

If you have a leak, it’s important to cover the roof to prevent any further water damage. It might seem like a hassle, but it will help keep your home safe and dry. There are many ways to cover the roof. The easiest is to cover it with heavy-duty plastic or a tarp. If it rains hard or there’s snow on top of the roof, then you’ll need something more substantial like plywood sheets or insulation board sheets.

Seek Professional Help

Leaking roofs are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. The water and subsequent damage may not always be easy to detect, which is why it’s important to contact a professional roofer as soon as you notice any signs of leaks. Never try to fix a leaky roof on your own, since this can lead to more problems down the road. Instead, find a professional roofer in your area.

Prevent Additional Leaks

Once you’ve had your Indianapolis leaking roof taken care of, it’s important to prevent future leaks from happening. To do this, you can hire a professional to: 

  • Remove any nearby trees or branches that might be overhanging the house and causing leaks near the gutters. 
  • Make sure all flashing around vents and chimneys have been properly installed. 
  • Check vent pipes (both on the outside and inside) to see if they are clogged with debris and clean them out. 
  • Fix damaged shingles and repair small cracks in the roof
  • Provide regular roofing maintenance

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