Is the roofing on your Zionsville home starting to show signs of ageing? Have you noticed shingles that are cracked, curled, loose, missing, or discolored? Is there damage around your vents, chimneys, or skylights? 

If so, then contact the team at Robert Stevens Roofing—we’d love to provide you with the new roof your home needs. To discuss your Zionsville roofing options, all you have to do is call 317-722-1844. We can also be reached by email at [email protected].

If you’re still not sure you’re ready to invest in a new roof, that’s perfectly understandable. But before you make your final decision, read the guide below; it provides information on some of the many benefits homeowners enjoy with new roofing.

Top Benefits of Installing New Zionsville Roofing

When your roof starts to look outdated, it’s time to consider investing in a new one. While you might think this is expensive and unnecessary, the benefits of having a new roof are vast. Not only will your home look better than ever, but your utility bills will be lower, the longevity of your roof will be longer, and you’ll sleep better at night knowing that your family is safe inside your home in all weather conditions. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the benefits of new roofing:

1. Better Quality Material

The quality of roofing material has improved substantially in recent decades, making it possible to reduce maintenance costs over time. For example, certain shingles have coatings that enhance their resistance to heat and ultraviolet light, thereby reducing breakage and fading. 

You’ll also find some roofing materials are inherently resistant to mold growth or require less frequent cleaning. This sort of durability can translate into lower annual maintenance costs, which could equate to thousands of dollars in savings over your roof’s lifetime. In addition, you’ll probably find that newer roofing materials provide a quieter roof surface than older models, so you won’t be disturbed by bad weather.

2. More Energy Efficient

Modern roofing material is also more energy-efficient than what’s currently on most homes. Energy-efficient roofing products will help your home run more efficiently and can even save you money on your energy bills. It can also help keep you cooler during the summer months and warmer during the winter months.

3. Improved Curb Appeal

Roofing is one of those home projects that—when done right—can improve a home’s curb appeal. With new roofing, homeowners can expect a fresh, clean look that adds to their home’s value while making it more attractive to prospective buyers. 

Don’t be fooled: a new roof doesn’t just look good on day one. This type of upgrade also has a long-term impact as it creates an exterior that doesn’t need regular maintenance and looks great through all four seasons. When combined with other improvements such as fresh paint and landscaping updates, new roofing is another way to showcase your commitment to improving your property.

4. Increased Property Value

New roofing can greatly increase the value of your home. When homeowners replace their roofs, they’re often surprised by the increase in property value they see over time. This is partially due to the fact that new roofing is an investment in both aesthetics and functionality. 

Having new roofing installed signals to potential buyers that you have been proactive about keeping up with maintenance and upgrades (which generally benefit buyers more than sellers). Moreover, this investment often results in lower repair costs and increased efficiency. And when it comes time to sell your home, you could get top dollar for a property whose exterior is looking sharp! 

5. New Manufacturer Warranty

Some manufacturers offer limited or lifetime warranties against leaks and wind damage. These can be hugely beneficial, especially if the manufacturer offers a transferable warranty to the homeowner. This means that if you sell your home, the warranty is still valid! Not only does this protect the value of your home, but it also gives buyers peace of mind. If a roofing manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on all labor costs (replacing shingles or underlayment), this can help you make repairs without breaking the bank.

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The integrity of your roof plays an important role in the health and safety of your home and family. If you’re looking to replace your current roof with a new one that will keep you safe from rain, snow, wind, and all other weather conditions, it’s best to call in the experienced Zionsville roofing experts at Robert Stevens Roofing to help with your project. Just give us a call at 317-722-1844 or fill out the contact form on our site to get started.